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While there are endless possibilities of using AgSnacc in the classroom, we wanted to provide you with a few ideas of how to incorporate AgSnacc into your current curriculum. 


Provide students with prompts to encourage personal reflection in career exploration Prompts and questions can be for before they sample an AGSNACC or after. Suggested questions are: 

  • Before listening, what do you think the career entails based on the title? 

  • What activities am I involved in that overlap with the professional was involved in? 

  • What other jobs are connected to the professional that they interact with daily? 

  • How do you see this career path show up in your daily life affecting you? 

Listening Log

Have students listen to an AGSACC and complete a log. This could be done as a weekly career exploration assignment via a written document, in a notebook, or in an online form such as Google Forms. Prompts in the weekly log could include: 

  • What did you learn about the career? 

  • What else would you like to know about the career? 

  • How could you work now to gain skills now, so you are more prepared for this career in the future? 

Group Listening Sessions

Have students listen to different AGSNACC podcasts in groups and then create a summary presentation on the career for their peers.

Career Comparisons

Have students listen to multiple AGSNACC podcast sessions and then create a way to discuss and share what the careers have in common and how they differ. This could be done in a written or discussion forum setting. 

Career Promotion

Have students, individually or in groups, listen to an AGSNACC and prepare a job announcement advertising the career to their peers. Students can apply to the career that interests them the most. This could be a fun way to create some in class competition, and practice applying for jobs, based on who’s announcement received the most applicants.